Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the removal of unwanted hair through the means of a needle inserted into the hair follicle. Either a galvanic or high frequency current, or in some cases both, the current is dispersed cutting off the blood supply to the hair follicle. This in turn causes the hair root to be destroyed and helps prevent the growth of a new hair.

At the Westgate Beauty Therapy Clinic we use the โ€˜blend methodโ€™, which is a combination of the two currents โ€“ the most effective method of epilation.

15min $42
30min $62
45min $87
We use Caron waxing products that are simple to use, gentle on your skin, and safe for your body. Their advanced formulas have been tested and manufactured to make your experience virtually pain-free, leaving your skin feeling smooth and without the irritation! Caron products protect against unwanted germs and infection making hygiene easier than ever. For all your body waxing needs โ€“ from leg waxing to lips, from eyebrow shaping to ladies Brazilian, you are in safe hands!

Lip/chin $22
Lip & chin $37
Brow & Lip $42
Underarm $30
Arm $40
Bikini $35
Brief Bikini $45
Brazilian $60
Back or chest $65
Half leg $40
Full leg $65
Half leg, bikini/underarm $65
Full leg, bikini/underarm $85

Consultation Free
Lip/chin $60
Lip & chin $100
Sides of face $100
Bikini $100
Brief bikini $130
Brazilian $190
Under arm $100
Arm $170
Shoulder/chest/stomach $150
Back $350
Back incl. shoulders $420
Bikini & underarm $180
Brazilian & underarm $250
Half leg $300
Full leg $500
Half leg & bikini $350
Full leg & bikini $550
What is Electrolysis? SHR infomation